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Movement to help all little girls feel beautiful

Kaylee and her mother, Rachel Kaylee and her mother, Rachel
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Pretty much everybody wants to fit in, especially when you're growing up. And when you're a little girl who has to wear a scarf on your head because you've lost all your hair to cancer fitting in can be a tough. But there's a new push to create a special Barbie doll to show girls and grown-ups that bald is beautiful.

You'll see Kaylee Rider and her mom Rachel at Texas Tech pediatrics every Tuesday afternoon.

"I get a shot in my port." Kaylee has Wilm's Tumor. It's a kidney cancer that has progressed into her lungs. 

Now that she's battling cancer for the second time, this seven-year-old has endured more than most adults can even imagine, but there's one part of her fight really bothers her.

Kaylee's mother Rachel said that one of her daughter's main concerns was losing her hair. "We had to tell her it came back, the first thing she asked was if she was going to lose her hair.

Unfortunately, it didn't work out like she was hoping. So to send a positive message to little girls just like Kaylee a new online movement is pushing Mattel to come out with a cancer Barbie.

Kaylee's mom is on board with this 110 percent. "It lets kids know that it's ok to be bald and that you're beautiful even though you don't have any hair. I think it's a wonderful idea."

Sharri Miller who is a nurse at the Harrington Cancer Center couldn't agree more with the idea of a cancer Barbie. "You're more than just your hair. Yeah, your hair can be important, but when you don't have hair, then to relate with something else and to be able to love on it and play with it, and say hey it's just like me, I think that would be awesome."

Dr. Curtis Turner, Texas Tech Pediatrics, says"I think that's very important that they don't feel that different when they have a doll they can identify with."  

As for Kaylee's thoughts-"Awesome!"

You can visit Beautiful and Bald Barbie Facebook: BeautifulandBaldBarbie

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