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What Does Low Carb Mean Anyway?

Everywhere you go now you see low carb labels to get your attention, even on restaurant menus. So, is all this low carb stuff really low carb? And how low is low anyway?

The Food and Drug Administration is preparing to address the low carb craze, because right now, the term low carb is not even defined by the FDA. Dr. Louis Aronne of the New York Presbyterian Hospital, says it should mean buyer beware.

"It's an advertising invention, it's not a standard, by any stretch of the imagination, so the FDA has not approved it, and it's used differently by different manufacturers," says Dr. Louis Aronne, N.Y. Presbyterian Hospital.

"The most likely thing the FDA will do is to put out a set of guidelines similar to the ones for low fat," says Marion Nestle, nutritionist.

First on the agenda for the FDA is an obesity review and that so-called "obesity working group" report is expected to be released to the public sometime next week.

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