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Lubbock Man's Death Still a Mystery

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According to Lubbock police reports, six men are responsible for jumping 42-year-old Monte Blanton. It was a beating that sent him to the hospital where he later died. So why didn't the Grand Jury rule this as a questionable death?

Blanton was found in the parking lot of the Stone Lake Apartments. He had been badly beaten. Police reports indicate it happened in the neighborhood of 63rd and Boston last September. Those reports say Blanton was gambling with a small group of men and then things had turned for the worst.

The father of two is buried at the City of Lubbock Cemetery. The dirt is still fresh. So is his death on the minds of his family members. They would rather not talk about it. But the questions still remains; who's responsible for the death of Monte Blanton.

Assistant District Attorney Matt Powell says he could not prove to the Grand Jury beyond a reasonable doubt Blanton was killed from his fight with those six men. Powell says Blanton may have died from falling out of his bed in the hospital or falling when he was staggering drunk that night he was beaten. The medical examiners say Blanton was three times the legal limit at one point that night in September.

Powell says there could be many reasons why Blanton died, and that's the reason why he believes it wasn't murder.

NewsChannel 11 tried reaching Blanton's parents, they said they would "rather not talk about what happened." As far as those other six men involved, Powell says they could face illegal gambling charges.

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