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KCBD catches speeders near 98th Street construction

The construction on 98th Street and Slide is causing more than just a headache for residents in the area – it's causing safety issues. Residents say dozens of drivers speed up and down Chicago between 98th and 93rd because it's now a detour for the construction.

"They will even hardly stop at the stop sign. It's really increased a lot of traffic and it's bad," said Mike Feagin who lives on 95th and Chicago. "It's really bad. There are quite a few kids that live down this street and it's causing a safety hazard."

We wanted to see for ourselves, so we dusted off the speed zapper and brought back "Streets of Speed" for the day. Retired speed zapper and legend John Berry (KCBD Photojournalist) set up at Chicago and 96th Street.

With the speed limit at 30mph, it didn't take long to catch dozens of speeders in just one hour. "They're doing 39," yelled Berry as he ran to stop the driver. "You were burning down the road pretty fast," he told the embarrassed driver. "Be careful and watch out."

Speeder after speeder, John and I pulled over the drivers. Some weren't too happy and waived us away, while others apologized.

"I guess I was just coming around the corner too fast. I know I should slow down, sorry," said one driver.

We even caught some drivers going 10 mph over the speed limit while on the phone. "He's going 40 and he's on the phone," Berry yelled at the driver as he continued to speed by without stopping. "The cell phone is another problem we didn't have back in the day."

Residents like Feagin just hope the construction finishes up quick, so speeders will stop taking over the streets around him.  

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