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Businesses turn to 'human billboards' as alternative advertising


In this economy, businesses are doing everything they can to lure customers into their shops.

A newer strategy involves sending employees to busy intersections holding up signs advertising specials and services as human billboards.

"We'll try anything we can to get people to come see us," said Zane Hall at John's Pay More Gold Stop.

Hall is one of several business owners in Lubbock using employees on the street to bring in interested customers.

"We started doing this a few months back and we've seen great responses on Facebook and our customers come in and they always have good comments about it," said Norma Aguilar, owner of El Pasiano.

From lunch specials at restaurants, to gold exchange shops, even tax specialists are using the new strategy.

"It's closer to the streets and draws people in as they're driving by and makes them interested to come in," said Chris Vega of Liberty Tax.

Businesses are using human billboards to attract customers as an alternative to other, more expensive forms of advertising.

"You just have to advertise as much as you can. Having a guy out there on the street lets customers know we're open, we're here, so come on in," Aguilar said.

We'll hear from several of the employees who have to stand outside and the strategies they use to bring customers into their employer's business tonight on KCBD NewsChannel 11 at 10.

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