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Cruise ship safety, Lubbockites not worried


The Costa Concordia wreck surrounded by chaos raises questions about the safety of cruise ships.

More than 17 million people plan to take a cruise this year, some from Lubbock. Viewers on our KCBD Facebook page say they don't plan to cancel their plans.

K'lyssa Selmon said "all anyone can do is pay attention during safety drills".

Another viewer, Denise Wilbanks Stout said "It did make me a bit nervous but when you consider how many car wrecks happen every day, yet I still get in a car without hesitation, it gives you a different perspective".

Whitney Norman, the owner of SunLover Travel in Lubbock says January through May are their busiest months to book cruises.

"In Galveston, Carnival has two cruises a week and Caribbean has two a week," Norman said.

With thousands of cruises a year, Norman says she has never heard of a ship this massive turning on its side, except for the Titanic. She says it's very uncommon.

"They've got people monitoring routes from abroad kind of like air traffic control airlines. It's really strange for something like this to happen," Norman said.

Safety measures have been put in place so this doesn't happen.  After the Titanic sinking in 1912, cruise ships are required to have public address systems, enclosed life boats and evacuation chutes. Ships are also required to give safety briefings within 24 hours of setting sail.

Pat Cowen has been on dozens of cruises from Hawaii to the Panama Canal. She says every time the crew members explain where the life vest are and what to do in an emergency, she pays close attention.

"We find out where our station is, but no we don't worry. We've been there and have not had any problems.," said Cowen.

U.S. Coast Guard, Lt. Comm. Dan Brehn ensures confusion, like on the Costa Concordia would be unlikely to happen in this country.

"We evaluate the ships, we evaluate the proficiency of the crew and how they would respond to emergencies," said Brehn.

Travel agents do not think this incident will affect the industry.

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