Army surplus tents arrive at Tent City

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - At Tent City, the shelter's fabric hangs by a thread, flapping in the wind.

"You can't get into your tents and all of your stuff is in there," said resident Cliff Van Loan.

Thanks to a special delivery, it's a battle tent city residents shouldn't have to fight anymore.

"In winds like this and even the haboob that came through, they will withstand most anything that the winds and storms can throw at us," said Les Burrus with property owners Link Ministries.

Strong metal frames and thick material should make their current tents obsolete.

"We're finally going to be able to get rid of the nylon tents and have tents that take the wind which has been torturing us today," Van Loan said.

Like so many times before, Link Ministries says they couldn't have done it without the people of Lubbock.

"It was through a lot of hard work from a lot individuals donating for the tents from a large donation that came in that allowed us to have matching funds for the tents," Burrus said.

With the help of Ransom Canyon Community Church, 30 more tents are expected to join Monday's shipment by the end of March.

"We figure these tents are going to be able to take anything Texas has to dish out," Van Loan joked.

The element the tents will protect against was the same obstacle for residents who wanted to put them up Monday.

"It's just a little more difficult in the wind. They may stand up by themselves or carry us along with them so we may wait for a better day," Burrus said.

Residents say they'd like to get those tents up Tuesday and Wednesday - as long as the wind calms down.

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