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Consider This...Craig James for U.S. Senate?

I saw last week where U.S. Senate hopeful Craig James has admitted to taking gifts while playing college football at SMU.

The former star running back said they were "insignificant gifts" from boosters. That news really is no surprise if you remember the SMU scandal. Gifts to players were so rampant, The NCAA voted unanimously to impose the "death penalty" and cancel the entire football season in 1987.

That program went from being the best in the nation to struggling to compete in its own conference.

Most people in Lubbock know Craig James not as a candidate for office or a football star, but as the football dad that brought down Mike Leach.

So far I have aimed most of my criticism at Tech administration for how the whole Mike Leach firing went down, not really taking issue with a father defending his son, rightly or wrongly.

But now, Craig James just became all of our business because he wants to be a U.S. Senator from Texas. So now he'll have to answer tough questions about his past and face more criticism about  the Leach scandal.

Consider this:

Just like other candidates, Craig James has now thrust himself into the spotlight. It is up to us, the voters, to make sure we know who these candidates are and what they stand for.

It's probably obvious I don't support a candidate who used his influence to put pressure on a university to fire a record winning coach. No matter the reason.

But you may do your research and like Craig James for U.S. Senate. You may not. The point is, get educated and go vote. That's one power no one can ever take away from you.

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