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Food for Thought Report 2.19

City inspectors had almost thirty city and county restaurants on tap this week. One local spot is one the Low Performing list, and it's a triple treat in the perfect scoring department.

Food for Thought 2.19
Here is a complete list of the restaurants and their violations for the week ending on 2/19/04
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Pedro's Tamales at 8207 Highway 87 is a Food for Thought Top Performer this week with zero critical violations, and they take no chances. Food safety and cleanliness is something serious business here. Case in point, packaging continued for everything made early in the day, that includes all food served in the drive thru line, but when Thursday's nasty weather kicked up, Pedro's production shut down.

"We're I guess concerned for the integrity of the product, we don't want any dust, any bad stuff in the air to get into it just so we know the stuff we ship out to our customers and our vendors is absolutely perfect," said General Manager Daniel Parraz.

Parraz says in addition to the regular health inspections performer by Lubbock inspectors, Pedro's is held to another standard that helps keep things running smoothly, as they churn out thousands of tamales a day. "We follow proper procedures all the time, we're a USDA inspected plant so there's an inspector here all day long."

Another Top Performer this week is Lunch House at 1513 5th Street. This North Lubbock spot hits the spot with zero critical violations.

Rounding out those Top Performers, Rise N Shine Donuts at 6302 Frankford. They get a donut-hole-in-one with a perfect score.

The only Low Performer this time is Logan's Roadhouse at 6213 Slide Road. That's where four critical violations were found. Violations including:

  • Cooked eggs in cold hold at 53 degrees, cheese at 50 degrees and raw beef at 47 degrees. Cold foods must be kept at 41 to 45 degrees or cooler.
  • A spoon was found in a hand washing sink--hand washing sinks are to be used only for hand washing.
  • Hard boiled eggs were not date marked.
  • Reach in coolers were found without thermometers and some had thermometers that were not working.

The Manager at Logan's told NewsChannel 11 all violations were corrected on site. The inspection report also shows that all violations were corrected on site.

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