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Lubbock ISD administrator on leave after spanking returns to work Thursday

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Lubbock ISD released the name Wednesday of an assistant principal who was placed on leave from Dunbar College Preparatory Academy.

George Love is accused of using excessive force when administering corporal punishment.

LISD told KCBD the investigation has concluded and appropriate action was taken. As for what type of action, LISD says that information will not be released due to the employee's privacy rights.

Martha Gonzales, the parent of the 11-year-old at the middle school, says she did authorize the staff to administer swats. However she says she did not sign up for her son, Isaiah to come home with black and blue bruises on his behind.

Gonzales released exclusive photos to KCBD of the bruising. She says her son is a special needs student. He was punished for disturbing the class and calling a teacher a bad name. After Gonzales took her son to the emergency room, CPS was called to do their own investigation.

Paul Zimmerman with CPS says he cannot speak about this specific case.  Zimmerman says a case of this nature takes typically 30 days to investigate.  Zimmerman also says "CPS is mandated to investigate all allegations of abuse or neglect that occur in a school setting."

Gonzales says the school told her that her son was light completed which is why he bruised.

LISD says "corporal punishment, while available as an option, is not regarded as a first-use disciplinary tool in LISD".

The district says Love returned to Dunbar Thursday.

We asked the school district if Assistant Principal Love would be able to use corporal punishment in the future. We were told that corporal punishment will be up to the principal, Brian Yearwood.

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