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Veterinarians testify in day two of Alpha Tex trial


Day two of the Alpha Tex trial has come to an end as the Smiths continue to fight for custody of dogs that were seized back in September by the Floyd County Sheriff's Office.

The Humane Society's animal cruelty investigator took the stand again at 9 a.m. For about two hours, the Smith's attorney, Paul Holloway, questioned the investigator's training - bringing up the fact that he was new to the position and that this was his first investigation.

Floyd County Sheriff Paul Raissez took the stand around 11 a.m. He's the one who served the warrant to seize the dogs from the Alpha Tex Kennels near Lockney. During questioning the Sheriff stated that he saw kennels covered in feces and urine, and that the majority of the dog's water was dirty with algae growing in it.

The State's attorney, Donald Feare, showed the jury several pictures of the kennels that Sheriff Raissez testified were in poor condition. On the other side, Holloway pointed out to the jury that of the 196 dogs seized from the kennels, Feare only showed pictures of six injured dogs. Holloway says that's only 3% of the dogs taken from the property and the pictures do not accurately depict the overall kennel conditions.

The State called Lockney Veterinarian Paul Glasson to the stand around 2:45. He was present during the seizure of the dogs and testified that he euthanized three dogs on the property that he felt were in bad shape. After questioning from the defense, Glasson admitted he didn't know the specific medical history of the dogs, but said it wouldn't have changed his mind about euthanizing the animals.

He also testified about a horse on the property, saying it weighed around 500 pounds and had a severe open wound on one of its legs. Glasson told jurors a horse that age and size should weigh nearly 1,200 pounds - that's double the weight of the horse. He testified that it had to have taken months for the horse to deteriorate to such a condition.

Holloway told jurors the Smiths had regularly called upon Glasson for medical advice on their animals. He argued that the Smiths would not seek medical advice if they didn't care for their dogs.

About an hour later another veterinarian, Shelly Wolfe, took the stand. She testified that about 50% of the 60 Alpha Tex dogs she treated after the seizure tested positive for diseases like heartworm, a preventable disease. She said seven of eight puppies she treated ended up dying.

Defense finally started their case around 4:45 p.m. calling their first witness, Penny Kelso, a Lubbock Veterinarian. Kelso told the jury the Alpha Tex Kennels were some of the largest she had ever seen and equated their size to a "small backyard" with "enormous room" for the dogs to run and play.

Kelso also told the jury it's not uncommon to find dirty water in dog kennels, especially if the dogs had been playing in the water.

Testimony wrapped up shortly after but will continue Thursday morning at 9 a.m.

KCBD will stay in Randall County to follow the case and bring you the latest updates Thursday afternoon.

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