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Mother of injured 3-year-old speaks out

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Photo of injured child provided by family. Photo of injured child provided by family.
Trenard Nunley (Provided by LSO) Trenard Nunley (Provided by LSO)

A Lubbock toddler is recovering from second and third degree burns and police say his mother's boyfriend did it intentionally.

20-year-old Trenard Nunley is behind bars, accused of putting a 3-year-old in a tub of scalding hot water after the child had a potty training accident.

The family tells KCBD that doctors report the 3-year-old is making progress, but because of the severity of the burns, he still may need surgery.

Wednesday we talked with the mother, Candace Sanders, who says she wanted to bring him here as soon as she became aware of the burns on Monday, but Nunley told her no. He wouldn't let her bring the child to the hospital until Tuesday, when his injuries got worse.

Sanders played us a voicemail from Nunley. In it he repeats that he's sorry and didn't mean to intentionally hurt the boy

"It was just a mistake. I was sleepy and I was mad 'cause he had peed on himself. I just put him in that water and turned that hot *** water on. I didn't know it was hot," the voicemail said.

"I'm sorry for hurting your son," Nunley said in the voicemail.

In Nunley's arrest warrant it states that the child told doctors, "My daddy put me in the bath tub and left me in there until I cried."

"It hurt him to pee. It hurt him to stand. It hurt him to walk," the mother told us.

Sanders showed us the bathtub where police say Nunley forced her 3-year-son into scorching hot water. Within 30 seconds of turning the water on, steam can be seen rising from the faucet.

"He started itching, and that's when the skin from his butt started falling off," she said.

In the hospital, doctors noticed red marks around the boy's eye. He told them "I was hit with a chair."

Investigators were at the apartment Wednesday when we arrived, and Sanders told us they took a chair for evidence.

During the Sanders's relationship with Nunley she says he had been abusive to both of them.

Sanders says she fears for her son's life around him. She said her child sometimes had bruises from belt marks.

After the incident, the mother tells us Nunley told her he'd rather not look after the boy in the future.

"He said I would rather be taking him back to the baby sitter so I don't end up hurting him to the point where I end up killing him," the mother said.

Nunley remained in the Lubbock County Jail Wednesday night, his bond set at $200,000.

The 3-year-old will have to stay in the hospital for at least a month. Doctors say 28 percent of his skin is damaged and he has no feeling in his legs or his feet.

CPS is also involved in this investigation.

"He needs to go to prison," the mother said.

People can donate to a medical fund for Sanders's son by calling GE Money Bank at 1-877-937-4098 and donate under her name Candace Sanders.

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