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Stage Two of drought plan recommended by Lubbock water board


Lubbock's Water Advisory Commission asked the City Council to enforce Stage Two water restrictions Thursday.

Lubbock has a Drought Contingency Plan with four stages. Currently Lubbock is in Stage One. The proposed restrictions would go into effect on April 1.

Stage One limits people to watering their yards two days per week. Stage Two limits it to one day per week.

Stage Two also limits certain reasons for water use: "Water shall not be used to wash down hard surfaced areas including without limitation, sidewalks, parking lots, gutters and patios."

In light of windy conditions the last few days, this one might disappoint local residents. Stage Two says, "Water shall not be used for dust control. However, water may be used for road construction or to clean surfaces for painting."

Most outdoor pools are empty at the moment, but Stage Two requires that "Pools and Jacuzzi type pools may not be drained and refilled."

Lubbock suffered the worst drought in its recorded history during 2011.

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