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Food for Thought 1.19

Health inspectors grilled more than 50 Lubbock restaurants this week. They're dishing out scores to make sure the food your family is eating is safe, and we're bringing you that report so you can know what's going on behind those kitchen doors. The inspectors found some unsavory stuff going on in the kitchen of our low performer this week, and this isn't the first time they've landed a spot at the bottom of our Food For Thought list. To see a complete list of this week's inspections click on this FoodforThought link.  

Health inspectors weren't "lovin' it" at the McDonald's at 6007 Slide Road, they have 9 critical violations. Employees were not washing their hands before putting on gloves, and some were even handling buns, chicken, and produce bare-handed. Employee drinks were stored in a cooler. All three of these violations are repeat violations at this McDonald's. There were several instances of cross contamination here: raw eggs were stored over juice boxes and milk, a bag of chicken nuggets was stored in the same box as raw beef patties, and an ice scoop was stored on the bare surface on top of the ice machine. An open bag of sanitizer was stored with oatmeal packets and sanitizer in a sink was sanitizing at a toxic rate. The washing machine was sanitizing at a toxic rate as well. Two coolers had broken thermometers, the coffee machine dispenser was dirty, and a prep table was heavily dented and there was visible pooled liquid. The report shows that due to the repeat violations and the high number of violations the manager did not seem to have a proper demonstration of food safety knowledge.

Most of these violations have been corrected but inspectors will have to go back out and re-inspect the double-arches because of the repeat violations. That extra trip is costing the McDonald's $90 in re-inspection fees.

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