Texas Tech rejected Mike Leach settlement offer

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Former Texas Tech football coach Mike Leach, currently the head coach for Washington State University, has hired Steve Heninger as lead attorney in his case against Texas Tech University, ESPN and U.S. Senate candidate Craig James.

Heninger represented former Alabama head football coach Mike Price in some of his legal battles. Former lead attorney Paul Dobrowski's withdrew from the legal team on Jan. 11.

Leach attorney Ted Liggett also announced the release of a letter that Mike Leach sent the Texas Tech legal team back in late November.

"In the letter," Liggett said, "Leach offered to settle only for what he says he was owed by the university."

Leach says he never received 2009 pay for guaranteed income, his ten-year bonus, or his incentive bonus. Liggett wouldn't specify a dollar amount that was requested.

Dicky Grigg, attorney for Texas Tech, says that he received that letter in December and presented it to the Regents at their next meeting  Leach's offer was unanimously rejected, Grigg said.

Grigg maintains that the university has paid Leach all of what he was owed before Leach breached his contract.

KCBD NewsChannel 11 was able to get ahold of Texas Tech Regent John Steinmetz. He told us that because of his relationship with Leach, he recused himself from any situation concerning Leach.

The Texas Supreme Court will rule on whether to overturn the decision by the Seventh Court of Appeals which denied Leach the right to sue the university.


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