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Cars disappear from auto repair shop

In matter of days a working business went from being intact to being completely cleared out. Nearly 15 cars went missing from Galvan's Automotive Repair Shop. Now customers are left with little answers.

After investigating KCBD found out the tenant, Jeffery Galvan, was evicted for not paying rent, according to the property owner. All that's left are nuts and bolts and a sign that reads "closed".

One customer, Mecca Thompson, did business at Galvan's automotive repair.

"I met Galvan about four years ago, he did some work on my daughters previous car. He did a great job, he did it for half of what another shop told me they were going to charge me," Thompson said.

She says she had to pay cash and every time it seemed to good to be true. Still, she left her daughter's Red Buick Starlark to get repaired. She was told, "It was it will be done next week, it will be done next week."

Tuesday Thompson decided to drive by, she noticed windows broken, tires left in the shop and her car along with a dozen others gone.

"I'm absolutely horrified and as a women it's always your first inclination that you hope you don't get taken advantage," Thompson said.

The property owner, Robertson Bonded Warehousing, says Galvan left six cars when he was evicted. So the City of Lubbock Codes Department was called in – they had RP's tow those cars.

"The property owner can sign a voluntary tow and we can remove the cars that meet the definition of a junk vehicle," said Codes Department Administrator Stuart Walker.

As for the others, Galvan removed those. We called his phone, only to find the line disconnected, so we went to his house. There was no answer and for Thompson she still can't find her car.

"It's very disheartening," Thompson said.

The Lubbock Police Department says it's up to the owners to get their cars back.  They say, If owners are unable to this could turn into a criminal matter.

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