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Lubbock Residents Clean Up After Sandstorm

Winds were strong enough to blow down a brick fence. It was 7 feet high reinforced with concrete but the forces of mother nature have turned it into rubble. "Today (Friday) has been busy yesterday we were flooded with phone calls and we're still getting them today," says Josh Frazier with All State Fence Company.

He surveys the damage mother nature left behind. So far today he's checked more than a dozen fences blown down in Thursdays's whopper of a wind storm. "The damage is pretty significant especially in the windstorm that we had a lot of older fnces are built on wooden posts and the fence falls down with strong winds," says Frazier.

Winds proved to much for a seven foot brick fence. A wooden one several feet away almost blown over itself, now leans into the neighbors yard. Across town at the city landfill, an unlikely place for clean up, is undergoing just that. "At 40-50 miles per hour the waste doesn't even hit the ground it flies away before you can process it," says Shane Davis, environmental compliance specialist with the City of Lubbock.

When winds reach 45 miles per hour or more like on Thursday, the landfill shuts down to keep the mess from getting worse. And large fences help keep the trash from blowing out. "The whole point when it does get windy even on a typical day in West Texas still some of the paper bags are gonna fly away from the working place.  Our goal is to keep the waste on sight as best we can," says Davis. 

Landfill operators want to urge you to keep those trash bags tied tightly to help make their job eaiser and keep trash from blowing around on a typical day. And if you need fence repair we spoke with four companies who say they are starting a waiting list so the sooner you call the better. 

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