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High winds subside after Sunday havoc

User-submitted photos of Sunday's wind damage User-submitted photos of Sunday's wind damage

Mesonet reported peak wind gusts Sunday as high as 65 mph on the South Plains. Monday will be partly cloudy with a SSW wind at 5-15 mph, though at times 10-20 mph late morning into mid-afternoon with comfortably cool highs in the 60s.

For about five hours Sunday, Lubbock skies turned brown and dusty winds wreaked havoc causing damage across Lubbock and the South Plains.

Some like Adelena Gonzales were shocked when they stepped outside Sunday afternoon, not because of the 60 mph winds … but because of what those winds had done.

"We heard enough noise to get our attention, but you honestly wouldn't have thought a tree fell over on the truck," she said.

The roaring winds had uprooted a massive tree in her yard and sent it crashing down onto her SUV, her boyfriend's motorcycle and part of the roof. The entire back half of the SUV was smashed in by the trunk of the tree while the front half of the vehicle was lifted off the ground.

"The car is totaled. It's going to take at least two days to get clean up started," said Gonzales. "We're just glad it didn't crash into the living room. Had it gone any further, the kids were sitting right there."

Her SUV wasn't the only one to fall victim to the winds. A basketball goal was crushed by another large uprooted tree near 86th and Indiana.

Across town power line poles swayed and slanted, while others were completely knocked over. Lubbock Power and Light workers were scattered across town repairing the poles, but luckily the wind had only damaged a few and LP&L didn't have to call in their emergency response workers.

Signs and even a payphone fought to stay up as the winds beat and battered at them all afternoon. Others faced the fierce gusts on foot walking to their destinations in the dusty winds.

Those driving had to battle the winds, and some were left stuck in traffic when a Walmart semi-truck was blown over about three miles north of Abernathy.  Lying on its side, the semi blocked all northbound lanes on I-27 for two hours.

Those flying even had to deal with the wind storm as several flights were canceled or delayed at the Lubbock Preston Smith International Airport.   

Just as quickly as it came, the brown skies and dusty winds faded into the day, leaving its little traces across town.

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