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Morrison Responds to DWI Arrest

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"I was guilty of driving under the influence," said Lubbock City Councilman Frank Morrison, going public for the first time with news that he was arrested for DWI. "I don't believe that I was driving recklessly by any stretch," he said.

On the night of October 25th, 2002, Morrison was driving on I-27, headed towards Lubbock after visiting his mother in Pampa. At around 10:15 a DPS trooper noticed Morrison swerving in the road. He was pulled over and searched.

The officer's report reads, "While I was patting Morrison down for weapons, I could detect an odor of an alcoholic beverage emitting from Morrison's breath. I stated to Morrison it smelled like he had been drinking. Morrison asked me if it smelled like he had been drinking. I replied that it smelled like he had." "Do you recall that?" Morrison was asked by NewsChannel 11. "No, I don't recall that conversation, that's kind of inconsequential," he said.

During the sobriety test, his performance was documented. "Morrison could not maintain his balance during the instructional phase. Morrison swayed while balancing. Morrison stated he did not understand the count."Yes I knew how much trouble I was in. I knew that I had been stopped for driving under the influence," he said.

Morrison says he consumed four or five glasses of wine at his mother's, and that the fatigue of driving all day had worn him down. "Did you drink anything else besides wine that night?" he was asked by NewsChannel 11. "I don't recall," he replied.

The officer reported that when he did an inventory of the pickup, he found, inside a brown paper bag, a one-liter bottle of premium Skol vodka, he noted, "The bottle was almost empty." "Were you drinking while driving as well?" asked NewsChannel 11. "No," said Morrison.

When it came time for the breathalyzer, the result was .105, over the legal limit of .08. At 10:31 he was arrested and handcuffed. "I spent the worst night of my life in jail," he said.

The District Attorney gave him six months probation with 40 hours of community service. "I hoed weeds in the garden, I sorted trash," he said.

The entire ordeal remained under wraps until Friday, when NewsChannel 11 received an anonymous phone call. "Do you think that the release of this information was politically motivated?," asked NewsChannel 11. "Absolutely," he replied.

Unsure of where it came from, but also unconcerned, Morrison is moving forward. "What does this do to your re-election efforts?," asked NewsChannel 11. "I don't know, that's for the voters to decide. I don't believe it does anything. I'm going to continue. I don't believe it changes my re-election plans one bit," he said.

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