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Local Women Dedicate Lives to God and Power of Prayer

For many of us, going to church on Sunday is their weekly chance to worship and communicate with God. But for some, communicating with God never ends. In this week's Power of Prayer, a special group of women are dedicating their lives to one holy task.

It's a calling that comes to very few, but those who are called to a life-long service for Christ are special. Sisters at Our Lady of Angels convent have each made sacrifices to devote each day to their true calling. Serving God and ministering to others about the Power of Prayer. Sisters at Our Lady of Angels have devoted their entire lives to Christ.

"When I look back and people will say, 'but you missed all these things in your life,' but when I start weighing what were the positives and what were the negatives, I'd do it again. I don't regret it. I feel like I experienced so many wonderful things during those years, and they were very happy years," says Sister Celine Thames, who decided to become a nun at age 18 and has never looked back.

"Some people say, 'oh, how do you not get married' and this kind of thing. Well, really the love of our lives is the Lord and our committment is to him, and so in prayer we cultivate that primary relationship and everything else makes sense out of that," says Sister Celine.

For the sisters, daily life consists of time in prayer and spending time ministering to others about Christ.

"There's a real hunger for God among the people. It's a real need. We perceive it, and there's a response," says Sister Celine.

But the sisters are very humble about their service to God because serving him was what they were meant to do.

"There's a sense inside of you, and yeah God does call you, and I really didn't think it was an extraordinary thing to do that," says Sister Celine.

"It was through prayer that I came to understand and to the holy mass that I came to see the Lord was calling me," says Sister Patricia Esparza.

For Olivia Rico, the calling came almost a year ago, and becoming a sister will take three years -- but Olivia says the adjustment is worth it.

"When I do finish, the first stage of my life as a sister, I will have at least better knowledge of what he wants me to do," says Rico.

And these sisters say making sacrifice, committment, and having the strength to live this kind of lifestyle, set apart forever to serve God is the key in showing others the Power of Prayer.

"They see a change in me and it makes them want to do better themselves and that right there is God's being a witness through me and that's something I will never give up," says Rico.

St. Francis Mission sisters are working on building a large chapel, guest house, and spirituality center. They have dozens of sisters living all over the country and even in Mexico. Many of them serve as ministers and teachers.

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