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Police: Mother delayed seeking medical attention for scalded child

Candace Sanders (Provided by Lubbock County Sheriff's Office) Candace Sanders (Provided by Lubbock County Sheriff's Office)

Court documents reveal that the scalded 3-year-old's mother didn't seek medical attention for her son for roughly 24 hours.

Candace Sanders, 22, was arrested Monday on charges of injury to a child with intention and knowledge of serve bodily injury. Her boyfriend, Trenard Nunley, 20, also remains behind bars for allegedly forcing the 3-year-old into scalding hot water.

The 3-year-old remains in serious condition at University Medical Center. Doctors expect the boy to be in treatment for several weeks.

According to the arrest affidavit, Sanders told police "she is the type of woman who cannot stand up for herself."

She told police her son had visible blisters and his skin had started to fall off. However, Nunley stopped her from getting help and wanted to do an in-home treatment with Carmex instead.

The child's mother played us a voicemail from Nunley during an interview last week. In it, he repeats that he's sorry and didn't mean to intentionally hurt the boy.

"It was just a mistake," Nunley said. "I was sleepy and I was mad 'cause he had peed on himself and I just put him in that water and turned that hot *** water on and I didn't know it was hot."

Sanders told police she is afraid of Nunley. She says he started slapping her months after they started dating. She related one incident where he took her son into the shower and started to punch him.

The child is in the custody of his biological father while Child Protective Services conducts their investigation.

Roy Rios with Women's Protective Services says the court documents reveal a pattern of abuse.

"A woman is going to go back to their abuser seven times before she actually leaves the abuser," Rios said.

He says red flags include, "jealousy, controlling behavior, blaming you for their problems and hyper-sensitivity."

Rios says with help and counseling, abuse in situations like this can be stopped.


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