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Consider This...Victims have a responsibility, too


Every nine seconds in the U.S., a women is assaulted or beaten. Domestic abuse is the #1 cause of injury to women, and those women often let the abuse carry over to their children.

That tragic but all-too-common story unfolded in Lubbock this week.

Today a three-year-old boy is in the burn unit at UMC.  The boy's mother said her boyfriend put the boy into scalding hot water. The boyfriend, now charged with injury to a child, said he was mad because the boy wet himself.

The mother told police this was not the first time she and her son were abused by her boyfriend. And her excuse to police for not protecting her son this time was that she was "the type of woman that cannot stand up for herself."

Consider this:

Violence is violence. If an abuser is violent toward you, he will be violent towards anyone in the house, no matter the age. And it's a vicious circle. Those kids that witness abuse are more likely to become abusers themselves.

The point here is even victims have a responsibility. If you are a victim of domestic abuse, get help. Don't let fear turn into tragedy. Call Women's Protective Services at 806-748-5292.

Do it for yourself. But more importantly, do it for the kids that may end up being the ultimate victims.

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