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Woman gets 40 years for DWI death

Kellie Lewis Kellie Lewis

A Lubbock family can now rest, knowing that a drunk driver is off the streets.

Forty-one year old Kellie Lewis pled guilty to murder in the death of Tommy Lamkin. Lamkin was a jailer at the Lubbock County Detention center and was on his way home from work in November of 2010 when Lewis hit him.

Police say Lewis crossed the median on Interstate 27 near the 50th Street exit and hit his southbound truck. The crash sheared the bed of Lamkin's truck off and he died at the scene.

Witnesses told police that Lewis' blue pickup truck crossed three lanes of traffic before crossing the median into oncoming traffic.

Lamkin had only been a Lubbock County detention officer for six months and was leaving his overnight shift when the crash happened. 

The family was clearly shaken when they left the courtroom on Thursday.

Lamkin's mother, Jenell Gilbert, made the decision to address Lewis and the courtroom because she wanted people to know the dangers of drunk driving.

"Know your limitations. Make the decision to not be one of the statistics. Whether it be the one killed or the one that's going to prison because of it."

Kellie Lewis' blood alcohol level was three times the legal limit when she hit Lamkin.

Her lawyer said that she is sorry and that she wishes she could talk to the family.

But remorse didn't help her on Thursday. Assistant District Attorney Tom Brummett said they got exactly what they wanted.

"Our intention with this case from the beginning was always to have Miss Lewis spend the rest of her life in the pen, and with the way the laws work in Texas, with this sentence, I'm convinced that is going to happen," Brummett said.

Kellie Lewis had been convicted of three previous DWIs. She was sentenced to 40 years in prison.

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