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Neighbors say Slaton home intruder was former roommate

Melcher's neighbor, Carlton Jones, spoke with KCBD on Friday. Melcher's neighbor, Carlton Jones, spoke with KCBD on Friday.

Authorities released the name of the intruder shot and killed during a home invasion in Slaton Thursday.

Neighbors say Robert Holt, 49, was no stranger. They say he used to live with Fred Melcher, 69, who he attempted to burglarize.

Carlton Jones used to work with Melcher and lives down the street. He says he was shocked to hear gunfire, but knew this was no random act.

"I think the guy actually used lived with Freddy in his house. Freddy let him have a room in his house for a short period of time. Then the guy got a place further down the block," Jones said.

Jones says Melcher was missing items from his home before the incident. He says Melcher had an idea his former roommate could have been stealing from him.

"People had said Robert was stealing from him and Freddy didn't believe it," Jones said. "I guess Freddy liked Robert. But when he came home he found him in the house..."

Melcher entered his home on the 1400 block of Lynn with his friend Edith Ayers, 51, apparently while it was being robbed.

Suddenly this quiet neighborhood was disrupted by gunshots.

Neighbors who witnessed the incident were terrified.

"I heard gunshots and I opened the door and a lady was screaming for help," Rodriguez said. "I didn't know what to do so I stayed in the house," said neighbor Dillon Rodriguez.

Melcher was able to shoot and kill Holt. During the struggle both Melcher and Ayers were shot.

It's still unclear who owned the gun.

Melcher remains in critical condition and Ayers remains in serious condition at University Medical Center.

Slaton High School is directly next to the incident. School officials were on the scene monitoring the situation. They made the decision to not go under a lock down, instead they told students not to leave the building.

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