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LHS senior says beard policy is unfair

Jacob Garza spoke with KCBD on Friday. Jacob Garza spoke with KCBD on Friday.

Lubbock ISD has had a dress code for students for many years. The rules restrict revealing clothing, facial piercings, and more. But now one of the rules has a Lubbock High School senior speaking out, asking the school district to change the dress code policy because it also says beards are not allowed.

Jacob Garza, 18, will soon have to shave off the beard he has been sporting since November. Beards are prohibited by the dress code, but Garza says the school hasn't really enforced the rule. Beginning Monday, that will change.

"On Monday, they will start enforcing the rules a lot tougher and stronger. Teachers are now required to send every student to the office who has facial hair," Garza said.

The school made that announcement on Friday morning. Garza says students were told if they have a beard on Monday, they will have to shave it off.

Garza says that isn't fair, because other students are allowed to get away with more.

A few years ago, LISD's school board announced that boys would be allowed to wear earrings. They also began allowing both boys and girls to wear unusual colors in their hair, and even to have Mohawks. However, beards remained off limits.

"Why would you not allow something that naturally grows on a male to be okay?" Garza said.

With stricter enforcement coming Monday, Garza is trying to get the word out and start a petition. He hopes the school board will reconsider their stance on beards and allow students to wear them.

"I'm not doing this to be ugly. I just want people to see my point," Garza said.

Garza says he has started a Facebook page, called No Shave Forever to spread the word about his cause.

"I'm doing this for the student body in general, for anything - not only for facial hair, but fairness in all," Garza said.

KCBD NewsChannel 11 spoke with LISD, who said their rule regarding beards has been in place for many years. They declined to comment on this story.

Jacob says he will shave on Monday if he is told to, and doesn't want to cause any trouble. He says he plans to follow the rules, he just wishes they didn't involve his beard.

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