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HealthWise at 5 From 2.23

  • Diabetes Dementia

We all know diabetes increases your risk of a number of health problems, but new research adds one more concern that diabetes may also diminish your brain power. A study of more than 1,600 women finds those with type two diabetes scored 30% lower on memory and other mental function tests compared to women without the disease. In fact, the longer a woman had type two diabetes, the lower her score on the memory exams. But researchers add that women who took an oral medicine called hypoglycemic therapy to control their blood sugar performed as well as the healthy women on memory tests. The Harvard study says this just makes a stronger case for patients with diabetes to follow their prescription carefully to avoid other complications.

  • Veggies Target Cancer

Researchers from Texas A&M are working on a synthetic drug that's derived from vegetables like cabbage and broccoli. Specifically, a modified version of dim compound is joined with another molecule and together they target cells in tumors. Lab tests with the compound have shown that it stops the growth of tumors with few side effects. A clinical trial with the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center is anticipated for later this year.

  • Dairy Do-Gooders

If you haven't had your milk today, you might want to pour a tall, cold glass to reduce your risk of many diseases and conditions. The January issue of The American Journal of Hypertension, says three to four servings a day of milk, cheese or yogurt can help lower the chance of developing high blood pressure, type two diabetes, as well as colon cancer. Experts say dairy products can also help battle obesity and coronary heart diseases.

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