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The Passion of the Christ Stirs Passion Among Retailers

'The Passion of the Christ' is keeping local Christian retail stores busy stocking shelves.

"We've had quite a bit of books and we're just down to three and the movie hasn't even come out yet," says Sandy Cruz, with Lifeway Christian store. From books to CD's, movie souvenirs are selling out quickly. "I'm getting the last book. It was in the showcase," says customer, Judy Greer.

The movie's debut is still two days away but customers are flooding local retailers to get a sneak peak of the film from a book depicting actual scenes from the movie. The 160-page book is so popular it's already on back order in most stores having sold out in a matter of days.

"They're walking in and they're picking up the book and just a real somberness fills them. They start looking through the book and they're like, 'Oh my!" says Manager of Family Christian Store, Lynn Dicken.

Store managers say the movie is touching a broad spectrum of customers. From the religious to just the curious. "It's always a question in everybody's mind, Christian or otherwise who was this man where does he come from and why, what happened, happened," says customer, Bill Rhodes.

Regardless of where the curiosity comes from, retailers are glad for the booming new business, but more importantly, they hope the movie sparks a new revival in those who are less familiar with the life of Christ.

The movie the passion of the Christ opens in Lubbock movie theatres Wednesday morning.

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