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New watering rules based on last digit of home address


Lubbock will be facing tough new water restrictions starting April 1st. But why is the city enforcing such drastic limits? Director of Water Resources & Environmental Mgt. Aubrey Spear told us the city will need to restrict water use to survive the summer.

"The weather forecasts are calling for continued dry weather," Spear said. "At least for the next three months and possibly into the summer. We need to plan ahead and make sure we have plenty of water."

Pool owners must start looking ahead to summer already. Lubbock residents must fill their pools before April 1st. After that, you're only allowed to top it off. Neighborhood lawns may also take a beating. Residents will only be allowed to water their lawns once a week on a designated day based on the last number in their address.

If the last digit of your address ends in one, you will water on Tuesday.

If your last digit is a two, your watering day is Wednesday.

If it's a three or a four you will water on Thursday.

Five and six on Friday.

Address ending in seven or eight will water on Saturday.

Addresses ending in nine or zero will water on Sundays.

Hand watering is allowed at any time.

"We wouldn't do this if there wasn't a need for us to cut back on consumption," Spear said.

Spear insists there will be no more warnings and that violators will be charged $200.

Home carwashes are another thing on the "don't" list. Andrew Zamora, President of Racer Classic Car Wash, told us home washes actually waste more than you think. Zamora says for as little as $7, your car can be squeaky clean using 70 percent less water.

"When you and I wash our car in the driveway at home, we will use anywhere between 80 and 180 gallons in a ten-minute period," Zamora said.

Spears says that Lubbock residents have already made an effort to conserve water, going from 230 gallons used per person to 176 gallons used per person each day. If residents are willing to conserve, the restrictions will be short-lived.

"The citizens here in Lubbock have been great, especially in water conservation. It's amazing to see what the citizens have done over the past decade," Zamora said.

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