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Farmers Welcome Rain/Snow

With planting time just over a month away farmers will be in the fields again planting their crops. This rain snow mixture is exactly what farmers want. It will help build up moisture needed for planting.

Come rain, sleet, snow, or hail moisture right now in any form is a welcome sight to West Texas farmers. "It's a God send. It's so great. It's unbelieveable," says Lubbock County Farmer, David Jones.

With more moisture on the way, mother nature is helping farmers get a jump on a new growing season. "This is extremely important to farmers and you'll see happy smiling faces in spite of the gray skies because this is exactly what we need to get set up for the 2004 growing season," says Roger Haldenby with Plains Cotton Growers Inc.

Planting for most crops begins in April, but farmers say they need moisture well before seeds go in the ground. "It'll save us on our energy bills and hopefully we get enough we get all our dryland planted," says Jones.

"If we don't get natural rainfall to give us a solid moisture profile in the soil they're gonna spend expensive energy running their central pivots around to pre-wet the soil so they can get planting," says Haldenby.

An inch of snow is equivalent to about 1/10 of an inch of rain. And as far as snow goes, farmers say the more than better.

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