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Tech Police Search for Campus Rapist

Last Tuesday night, February 17th, a female Texas Tech student left Coleman Hall around nine o'clock to run an errand. Just north of the Chitwood dorms, Tech police say a stranger approached her and forcibly raped her.

That's a scary thought for female Tech students.  When asked if the rape worries her, Stephanie Clark, a Texas Tech sophomore, says, "Yeah it does. It's crazy.  It makes me kind of worry.  I'll think about it for sure." Rachel Day, also a sophomore says, "Just to know someone was attacked here on campus just recently is a little bit scary just to know you might have to walk on campus after dark and this is just upping the danger a little more."

The rape victim did not know her attacker and only had a hazy description of a white male wearing dark clothes and a hat. Major Gordon Hoffman of the Texas Tech Police Department says, "At some point during the assault she felt something sharp cutting her legs, but is not sure what caused the cuts.  Sometime during the assault personal items were taken from the victim."

Major Hoffman says the investigation is ongoing and Tech police issued a campus-wide announcement asking for anyone who has information to come forward. That announcement also serves as a warning for all Tech students to practice caution on campus, especially at night. "You should always walk and be attentive in well lit areas. If you see something you're not sure of or some people gathering around avoid those people, take another route.  Walk with somebody if at all possible," advises Hoffman.  

Major Hoffman also urges everyone to take advantage of the campus's free ride system. On campus call (806) 742-NITE for a shuttle, or off campus call (806) 742-RIDE for a taxi between 10 p.m. and 3 a.m. 

The Tech campus also has a built in security system.  Over 60 blue phones are located around campus.  Anyone in trouble can push the red button and someone will assist them.

Meantime, police are still trying to solve the recent sexual assault.  Please call Tech police at (806) 742-3931 or Crime Line at (806) 741-1000 if you have any information.

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