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Snowy Day in Lubbock

It started out just looking pretty. With low winds, big flakes...perfect for packing. "Making some snowballs?," asked NewsChannel 11, after a young lady beaned her friend from behind. "Yup," she smiled.

At Texas Tech, pigeons became living sculptures, preserving whatever body heat they had, perched motionless atop a cold stone cousin. Down below, Lindsey McCright had her own winter plumage. "A scarf, two layers of shirts, two layers of pants, two socks, a jacket, a hat," she said. "You have to have the works if you're going to be out in the cold weather," she added.

The Bayless Bears took some spills in their glee. Construction on the West Loop...cancelled. Swimming at McKenzie park? Post-poned. So quiet, there was nothing to shoot, but us, one with a camera, one with a phone. But then...

"A patch of ice is what caused him to lose control," said Wolfforth Police Sergeant Randy Cisneros. The picture perfect day was over. At 5:30pm on the Avenue Q overpass, a half an inch of snow had built up. The first place where roads become treacherous.

In Wolfforth on the 179 overpass, a red pickup was ripped apart after a slip on ice and a head on collision. "Two injuries in the red pickup, they were transported by EMS," said Cisneros.

At Avenue S & Broadway, a car wound up with a black eye in the front yard. Two dozen calls to the LPD for weather related accidents. Fortunately, none fatal.

Which allows us to wander back to the Bayless Bears, and wonder if tomorrow will be a snow day. "Is this snowman weather?," NewsChannel 11 asked a group of nine year-olds. "Yes!!," they shouted.

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