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Food for Thought 2.3

Health inspectors were busy this week! They stopped by more than forty Lubbock restaurants. Our low performer list is short and has one familiar spot on it. For a complete list of this week's top and low performers you can click on FoodforThought.

Lin's Buffet at 5608 Slide road is a repeat low performer, this time they had several critical violations.

  • Shrimp and sushi was not at the safe hot temperature.
  • Steak at the Mongolian grill was not at the safe hot temperature.
  • A bowl was in the hand sink in the bathroom
  • Food was in the hand sink and there were un lidded drinks at the Mongolian grill
  • Buckets with dirty water was being used to store utensils.
  • Dish soap was stored next to honey and spices.

Our next low performer was inspected after someone filed a complaint after they said, they quote: "Experienced illnesses on two separate occasions after eating there."

The Lone Star auto Auction at 2706 east Slaton Road had several critical violations.

  • Raw beef patties were not at the safe cold temperature.
  • Employees were not washing their hands when returning to the kitchen and were then handling foods.
  • Employees were handling buns bare-handed.
  • An employee was touching the food surface of a utensil when grabbing it, and scrub pads and oven mitts were stored with clean utensils.
  • A spray bottle of automotive degreaser was hanging on a shelf with dirty dishes.
  • Several food contact surfaces were dirty: the microwave was splattered with food, and the ice scoop was stored in a soiled container.

Lone Star Auto Auction's manager did say they were inspected during the lunch rush and slipped up on a few things because they were so busy.

The report shows all violations at both restaurants were corrected during the inspection.


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