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West Lubbock home hit by truck

A loud boom woke a family and much of the neighborhood late Sunday night. Lubbock police say a truck came crashing through a home on the 6300 block of 22nd street around 11:50 p.m.

Fortunately no one was injured. The Revilla family says this is the third time a vehicle has crashed on their property. Now their worst nightmare came true, one actually hit their house.

Investigators say the suspect drove off, leaving a license plate, cell phone and spare tire at the scene. However, the Revillas say the male driver returned an hour later. He told them he fell asleep at the wheel while driving to his apartment nearby.

"The way she was screaming I thought the truck was on top of her and not the TV," said Sal Revilla.

Sal was talking about his daughter, Morgan. She had just gone to bed. Next thing she knew her TV fell on her feet and her room was about to collapse.

"My mom said it sounded like an earthquake," said Morgan Revilla.

Morgan says the truck hit the house so hard, it shifted the foundation, cracked the ceiling and broke several decorations. The only thing that didn't fall is a picture of Jesus.

To keep the front of the house from caving in, Sal put up two poles.

"The front door you can't even open it, its jammed shut. That wall is pushed in that way," said Sal.

Sal says the driver's mistake could have cost a life. He says the wants the City of Lubbock to put in a yield sign or stop sign at the intersection of La Salle and 22nd. He says that would prevent people from driving on their property.

The City of Lubbock says in a T-intersection, by law, the vehicle driving on the street that end has to yield. That's why they say there is no need for a sign.

In the past city engineers have done several studies in the intersection. They say the area needs 2,000 drivers passing through a day. The intersection also has to have least three accidents in a span of three years in order to put up a sign. So far, the intersection doesn't meet that requirement.

The city says that decision could be changed if the neighborhood brings this issue up with the Citizen Traffic Committee.

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