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Selling Water at Lake Alan Henry

Water for sale! That's what the City of Lubbock Water Advisory Commission discussed on Wednesday. The Commission met to address a number of water issues, including the rights to sell water out of Lake Alan Henry.

The City built Lake Alan Henry in 1991 as a water source, but to this day we don't have a pipeline to actually use the water. So the Water Commission has agreed to sell some of the water to people living in the Lake Alan Henry district.

"The Commission is comfortable with the sale of water from Lake Alan Henry to the district. The price is set pretty much from legislation, there's a formula for calculating that and the cost for that we have at this point. The cost of the raw water to the district is approximately $585 per acre foot or about $1.80 per thousand gallons. We will begin negotiations for contract terms with the Water District and then we'll precede with presentation of that final contract to the Water Commission and then the City Council," said Ches Carthel, of the City Water District.

Selling the water will benefit the City with new revenue, plus we'll get treated water in return and it will help tax rolls for Garza County.

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