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Consider This..The politics behind FBI raid on City Hall

I was glad to see the FBI investigation into a former health care provider and some former elected officials is finally over. No criminal wrongdoing, case closed.

And that outcome makes me question why the City has spent millions on related lawsuits, fighting over a sliver of the almost four million dollars it has cost so far. Makes no sense.

But whether or not you followed the FBI investigation, the health care scandal, or the politicians accused of corruption,

Consider this:

This whole thing could have bigger implications for Lubbock's future. Follow me here: Voters want to elect moral, smart, independent-thinking people to help guide this city, not folks that will drink the Kool-Aid at City Hall and do whatever city management wants.

But why in the world would a person that fits the bill ever want to run for office in Lubbock? The minute they walk in the door down there, City Hall bureaucrats are building a case against them. And the minute they want to change something or speak out against the system, they become a target. Why would viable candidates want to run the risk of losing their reputations and livelihoods because they did what they thought was right?

I sincerely believe that's what started this whole FBI investigation. A few elected officials fell under attack because they disagreed with City management. So the City Manager, City Attorney, and Mayor at the time tied those folks to a health insurance scandal and called for an FBI investigation, all in an effort to get rid of them. And it worked. Because apparently you don't have to be guilty, just accused.  

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