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The Pizzazz Pizza Oven: Does It Work?

Usually, before you cook your pizza in the oven, you have to let it preheat. That can take some time. But the makers of the Pizzazz Pizza Oven say you don't have to do that. Let's test it out!

This countertop oven says it can turn frozen pizza to perfect in minutes. All right, we've got the ingredients. The Pizzazz Oven automatically starts rotating when you put the pan in place. On your Pizzazz Pizza Oven, you have different switches for upper dual and lower. Since we want to cook the pizza on the top and the bottom, we'll put it on dual. I set the timer to 20 minutes and immediately, the oven was getting hot! We turned off the lights so you can see how hot it gets.

Already, we're seeing the magic happen right before our eyes! Our pizza looked cooked after 16 minutes, but we went ahead and cooked it the recommended kitchen oven time on the box. A total of 25 minutes. Looked a little over done when the timer buzzed, but I have to admit, it still looked delicious! It is pizza by all means!

Once the timer buzzed and was off, the Pizzazz Oven started cooling itself off.

Our pizza had a very crispy top and bottom crust. It was hot all the way through, even in the middle. So why should you get this? First, the pizza was really cooked in 15 minutes. It would have taken longer in the oven. Secondly, it doesn't require any preheating. Is it worth the $50? We think so if you're a pizza eating family. It works!

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