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The Race to Represent District Two

Incumbent T.J. Patterson is running for district two for the sixth time. He's been in office 20 years. "I love what I'm doing. When something's a part of you, you stay with it until it's done," said Patterson during his official candidacy announcement.

Patterson will be joined by two other opponents on May 15th. Education Consultant Janie Landin-Ramirez and 33 year Lubbock Police Veteran Floyd Price. All three candidates support the North and East Development but all have different focuses for their campaign.

For instance, Patterson; education and his concern with low population at Estacado High School. "It should be a 5-A school. With more house tops people coming back into the area. Look at the development happening now," said Patterson.

Ramirez. She's focusing on cleaning up neighborhoods. "Creating healthier Neighborhood Associations through the district and development opportunities for our youth to engage in activities to help reduce juvenile delinquency and crime," said Ramirez.

As for Price. He's for city unity. "I'm not just for the district but also work with city council and bring eyes into this part of the city. We need infrastructure here, we need businesses, shopping centers, malls, we got a lot of vacant property," said Price.

Both Ramirez and Price realize they are running against a man who's had 20 years of experience as a city leader. But both say they're running on their own merits and what they can bring to the table.

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