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Teacher You Can Count On: Catherine Headley

She never planned on being a teacher, but it is exactly where she needed to be. Catherine Headley, a ninth grade science teacher from Evans Junior High, is this week's Teacher You Can Count On. She got in the teaching game late, but she is great at tying science into real life for her students.

Catherine Headley's done a little bit of everything.

"I have a degree in geology. I have been a bookkeeper and have worked in accounting," says Catherine, a ninth-grade science teacher at Evans Junior High School.

All that before she realized where she should be. "I never expected to be a teacher. But as it turns out, it's just what I love to do," she says.

And she has a knack for it. "My mind works in a way to try to organize information so that when it comes out it's accessible to other people."

"She does a bunch of projects and also she integrates a bunch of stuff," says Mark McCunniff, a ninth grade student in Catherine's class. "Just like today, we were talking about uses of cell phones and driving. It makes it a whole lot easier for us to understand stuff."

"Sometimes teachers just give you the information, but she explains it to us and gives us examples," says Margeaux Oliva, another one of Catherine's students. "She connects a lot of things to us."

Her style is practical -- and her love for science is something she wants her students to share. "Science is so fun," says Catherine. "I can think of at least two things that I really want the kids to walk away with at the end of the year -- an ability to think critically. Secondly, I think would be a love of science. I think science is the most interesting thing they should do all day."

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