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Sunday Night Insomnia

For lots of people, falling asleep on Sunday night is harder than other nights of the week because they're coming off the weekend and starting to think about the dreaded workweek. Sound familiar? It actually is a condition called Sunday Night Insomnia.

"Sunday night, I can't wind down to go to sleep. I'm up, I'm watching TV, I'm reading the papers," says Doris Milligan, a Sunday Night Insomniac.

"For some people, they don't want to let go of the weekend and staying awake is a way to remain in that time, in that space and prevent the work week from starting," explains Dr. Gary Zammit, Sleep Researcher.

He says people with Sunday Night Insomnia often make it worse by going out late Friday and Saturday because that shifts their sleep schedule and internal clock. And since sleep deprivation can affect your concentration, attention and mood the next day. Sunday Night Insomnia only adds to the Monday morning blues.

Some advice from on preventing Sunday Night Insomnia:

  • Get some afternoon exercise to relieve stress.
  • Avoid alcohol on Sunday night.
  • Wake up Saturday and Sunday at the same time you'd get up during the week to keep your sleep cycle consistent.
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