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Tuition Hike At Texas Tech Set For Fall

Texas Tech students will be paying more to go to school this Fall. On Friday, the Board of Regents approved another tuition hike. It's the universities second tuition hike in less than a year, so why is it happening again?

It's simple. State budget cuts and a growing student population at Texas Tech. The University was forced to find a balance, unfortunately, they're targeting students and parents to pay for the state's shortfall.

Increasing Texas Tech's tuition was the last thing Tech officials wanted to do, but they said it had to be done. "If we had not grown 3,000 students in the last three years or so, we may not need to be in a position to ask for $20 per credit hour increase in tuition. But we have the extra 3,000 students that are not funded because the state cut funding," said Texas Tech President Dr. Jon Whitmore.

Tech's current designated tuition is $56 per credit hour. It will jump another $20 in the Fall to $76 per credit hour. "For the next Fall semester, for students to pay $520 more than what they paid last Fall semester, that's really going to hit home with a lot of our parents," said Jeremy Brown, Student Government Association President.

Brown says Whitmore originally offered a $21 increase, but came down on the price. Brown says it's because Dr. Whitmore recognized the cost burden to students. However, Brown says students just aren't in favor of any tuition increase. "This tuition increase, I believe, is going to hit home with our students than any of the other universities because of our demographics," said Brown.

The tuition hike is supposed to generate nearly $15 million for the university for scholarships, student services, equipment, 30 more professors and pay raises.

President Whitmore says he will be publishing the faces of those 30 new professors in the University Daily and marking new equipment. It will have labels stating, "this was bought with your tuition money." Tuition is scheduled to increase the Fall semester.

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