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New Rules for Accutane Usage

Accutane is a lifesaver. For some, a miracle drug for those with severe acne. But now, an FDA advisory panel is calling for tighter restrictions on who can use this drug because it has long been known to cause birth defects. The problem is some patients who may become pregnant are taking it anyway at the risk of babies being born with heart, kidney, and facial abnormalities.

So, now a panel of scientists is recommending the FDA adopt new rules requiring patients who are prescribed Accutane to enroll in a national registry. Under the registry, women could not get their monthly supply of Accutane without a negative pregnancy test. They would also be advised to use two forms of birth control while taking the drug.

Healthcare workers who prescribe and drug and even the stores that dispense Accutane would also have to register all in an effort to prevent birth defects in women who get pregnant while taking Accutane. Again, this is just a recommendation, it still needs approval from the FDA.

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