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Man Shot in Depot District

Mardi Gras festivities come to a halt as domestic violence hits the Depot District.

"Well, we were shocked," said Herman Alsup. On Saturday night, he was leaving the Cactus Theatre when he witnessed a spectacle more intense than anything on a stage. "It was probably a domestic dispute," he said.

32 year-old Connie Lieck, allegedly pulled into her estranged husband's red Corvette through the window, by her hair, when she refused to go with him. Her screams drawing attention and assistance.

"And she kept on screaming and it was like she had looked through the back rear window and this man, hispanic man, came running across, kicking in the driver's side door three or four times," said witness Celeste Krueger.

That man was 39 year-old Daniel Saenz, who tried to free Connie, but had no luck, as the driver, Connie's husband, Timothy Lieck, kept a firm grasp. Saenz decided to draw a knife.

"He took a knife out and ripped the canvas top of the car," said Krueger.

As the struggle ensued, LPD arrived, ordering Saenz to drop the knife.

Seconds later... "A shot was fired," said Krueger. But not by police, allegedly by Timothy Lieck. Saenz is hit, but not critically. He's taken to the hospital.

Witnessing all of it, from inside the car, the couple's toddler, Connie's primary concern. "Well, she was screaming that, 'My baby's in here,'" said Alsup.

Lieck was arrested, and charged with aggravated assault and endangering a child.

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