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Lou Fox Settles Into Hub City

In city business, City Manager Lou Fox officially started Monday. Fox has been in and out of Lubbock the last month, but now he's settled in, and hit the ground running. Fox spent the day meeting with various department heads and Councilmen, trying to learn about the people, the policies and the problems.

But as NewsChannel 11's Ashley Rodriquez explains, this transition hasn't come without questions from the public on his future living arrangements.

Week after week, in the Lubbock Avalanche Journal there have been letters to the editor concerning where Lou Fox plans to live. With headlines including: City Manager Controversy, City Manager Residency and Council Decisions Criticized. Feeling fed up with the rumors, is what led Mayor Marc McDougal to respond.

"I think people need to know that he's not flying in from San Antonio every morning or every couple of days, to look after the City of Lubbock. He's here, he's full time and they will be purchasing a home as soon as his wife gets here", Mayor Marc McDougal said.

Mayor McDougal wrote his own letter to the editor this weekend, titled New City Manager's Residence explaining just that.

"When you see the number of letters to the editor and there were two to three a week the last few weeks and I thought someone needed to clear the air. And make sure people understood that wasn't the case", Mayor McDougal said.

According to Lou Fox, he's already settled in, well kind of, he still has boxes to unload in his office and the apartment he's renting is only temporary... but it's a start.

"I had a conversation with the Council when I was hired that I wasn't sure when the whole move would be made. But I certainly will be here. I've rented an apartment, but my intention is to buy a home and my wife, our son is a Senior in high school and he's not interested in changing at this point, and my wife owns a business, but we're going to work through that", Lou Fox said.

Fox says he's excited to be here and looks forward to his future in Lubbock.

Fox says his goals for the future are to continue to build and strengthen the organization, understand the councils reaction to policy, and understand their interests for the city. His first Council meeting as City Manager is this Thursday.

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