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SPC Students Concerned over Tech Tuition Hike

On Friday, the Texas Tech Board of Regents approved a 36% tuition increase. It's a $20 per credit hour increase pushing rates from $56 per credit hour to $76. That means a student taking 15 hours will pay an average of $300 more per semester.  That increased cost is not only a concern for current Texas Tech students but also for those who plan on transferring there.

Comparing Texas Tech Tuition
The recent tuition increase at Texas Tech isn't the university's first, but it is the biggest, so NewsChannel 11 tracked tuition rates from fall 2001 to fall 2004.

Newschannel 11 talked to several students at South Plains college in Levelland who say they're concerened about the increased costs. Some are worried about how they'll come up with the extra money and others say they're rethinking their plans about going to Texas Tech.

"It will affect me greatly." Come next fall many students who plan on transferring to Tech like South Plains college student Michael McDonald are in for a rude awakening.

"The cost of tuition and fees alone at Tech I think would be the same as how much it costs for me to go here which includes room, board and all tuition and fees paid here would be just about the same as just tuition and fees at Tech," says SPC student, Michael McDonald.

Michael says he pays about $1000 per semester in tuition at SPC. Next fall he estimates he'll pay more than double that at Texas Tech.

"On top of that I'll have apartment payments and some more expenses," says Michael. Now he's looking for ways to earn money to pay for the difference.

"I've applied for scholarships at Texas Tech and I've filed the FAFSA form in the hopes to get more help," says Michael.

Michael is also considering working while going to school. But with a challenging major like engineering, Michael's concerned that working would cause his grades would suffer.

"That's something I'll have to look at later for me to handle both because for me right now I would like for school to come first" says Michael.

Despite the increased cost, Michael says he'll find a way to accomplish his goal and graduate. 

"It hasn't affected my choice because this is where I've wanted to go for a long time now I'm ready to go to Tech," says Michael.

We spoke to several other students who want to transfer to Texas Tech, but because of the tuition increase they are unsure now where they will finish their degrees. You might wonder why they went to South Plains college. Officials there tell us 78% of their students transfer to Texas Tech each year.

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