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Two Apparent Rapes at a Levelland Children's Home

Police are questioning how three young men got through the security doors on the evening of February 24th.

NewsChannel 11 received a tip about a possible rape at the Children's Hope residential home in Levelland. Reports indicate the victims are girls who are 14 and 15 years old.

NewsChannel 11 obtained a copy of the Levelland police report. The report stated that the incident happened inside the home. This home is used by Children's Protective Services to place children. In the report, the girls allege that two men walked inside and raped them.

The girls told police that the two men were actually with another man who was in town visiting his 22 year-old girlfriend. The girlfriend worked at the children's home.

According to the reports, one of the girls told police she saw the girlfriend text-message her boyfriend that she was with two naked 17 year-old girls. The girls told police when the three men arrived, the girlfriend/employee advised the girls to take the two other men to their bedrooms.

The reports say the girls were afraid to report the incident when it happened for fear of getting the employee in trouble for allowing the boys to enter the center. That employee has since been suspended from Children's Hope. No arrests have been made.

Levelland police tell NewsChannel 11 they have the two 20 year-old suspects identified. They also say, the girlfriend who was an employee of the children's home has not been cooperative with police.

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