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Religious Group Provides Support for "Passion" Viewers

The graphic nature of "The Passion of the Christ" is hard to take for some people. That's why Pray Lubbock, a group made up of members from over 30 local churches, has parked an R.V. just outside the Tinseltown Theater on University and 82nd Street.

The R.V. is manned by volunteers from 11 a.m. to 1 a.m. the following morning. They are there to serve anyone who has questions or anyone who simply wants to pray.

Jeff McCreight, Pastor at the New Life Family Center, says, "It's sort of like an ambulence at a football game. We don't plan on injuries but if someone does go down, we want to be there to serve them with the best of our experience and abilities." 

Mark Elvers, a volunteer and Pastor at Salvation Ministries Church of New Beginnings says, "We pray over the show times. We pray that people will receive whatever it is the Lord wants them to have from the movie, because for everybody it's different." 

The Pray Lubbock 'Passion Response Center' has received several visitors since the movie opened. Their sign in book has close to a hundred names in it. They say they'll stay outside Tinseltown as long as they have volunteers to man the R.V. or until the movie leaves theaters.

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