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The Digi-Draw: Does It Work?

Learn how to be an artist through the art of tracing using the Digi Draw. Weird name, weird concept. Just look at the reflection and trace. That's how this $20 product works. But does it?

Marie Kilborn is an art teacher at Frenship Junior High School and elected a few of her students to help us out on our test. The Digi Draw package was way cool. Looked like a laptop computer. And inside it came with "secret message markers, colored pencils with a teddy bear sharpener, and lots of pictures to trace."

Marie and I were having a tough time putting the Digi Draw together. "Just snap it in there?" we said. But it wouldn't. We tried with all our might. We spent at least ten minutes trying to figure it out. We gave up. Ok, let's just put it in there and see what happens. All right, moving on.

Eighth grader and artist Aaron tries his hand at the Digi Draw. He's chose to draw Dracula. Aaron is using the reflection and he admits it's tough. Let's take a look. Not good! "There's your Dracula!" "He's definitely a better artist than that," Mrs. Kilborn said about Aaron.

Another eighth grader and artist Jordon gave it a shot. She's doing a better job and her picture looked good. But, "Does it bother you to have this ledge?" asked Mrs. Kilborn. "Yes." replied Jordan.

Now, it's the teacher's turn. "Ok you guys, I'm going to draw on this Styrofoam cup. It said you can trace anything on anything it should be able to fit on this," said Mrs. Kilborn. She says she has to keep one eye closed in order to see. "I don't know what I'm doing. I can't see if what I've done is right," she said.

"What do you think of this product," asked NewsChannel 11. "Well, no, I don't think so," said her students and Mrs. Kilborn.

Can you believe this is a product for ages five and up? Neither can Mrs. Kilborn's students. None of us liked the Digi Draw. Sorry kiddos, it didn't work.

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