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New Insulin Pump Offers Relief To Diabetic Patients

It's not a cure, but some patients with serious complications of Diabetes are turning to high concentrations of Insulin and getting dramatic results.

It's a six hour treatment once a week. There's no magic medicine in this, it's simply Insulin, but it's given in high doses through a special IV pump, recently approved by the FDA. That pump sends the Insulin directly to the liver where it may actually reverse some of the symptoms of the disease.

"I have come from almost not being able to walk - to almost crawling - to actually dancing. I mean I'm getting out and around. I'm able to go to the grocery store. I haven't been able to do that for two years," says Penny Ann Reay, a Diabetes patient.

In theory, the concentrated Insulin seems to stimulate the liver to metabolize glucose more normally. It's high enough that patients have to drink Glucola, a high sugar drink, to make sure they don't bottom out during the six hour treatment. But overall, it seems to give them better control over the disease. Again, this is not a cure for diabetes, nor is it intended to replace conventional therapy. But some patients are finding it is making a huge difference in their daily lives.

"We've seen some symptomatic relief of neuropathy symptoms. Patients have better feeling in their feet for instance - better temperature sensation. Less pain," explains Dr. Donald Allred.

We couldn't find any physician in Lubbock using the six hour insulin pump yet. If you know of someone who is, please call and let me know and we'll pass that along to our viewers.

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