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What You Need to Know About Sepsis

Imagine checking into the hospital for a minor illness, then developing a major infection that could be fatal. This is a reality for 14,000 Americans who develop what's called Sepsis which describes the body's response to infection. If Sepsis becomes severe, your major organs can stop functioning.

"It's a huge, big deal. That's the irony. If I ask someone, a relative of mine, have you heard of breast cancer or lung cancer, well, they'd be offended, and yet, if I asked them about Sepsis they'd say what's Sepsis, and yet more people die in one year from Sepsis than from breast cancer and lung cancer combined," explains Dr. Mitchell Levy, critical care specialist.

So, critical care experts from around the world, including Dr. Levy, have formed the Surviving Sepsis Committee to develop groundbreaking new guidelines that should help speed the diagnosis and treatment of Sepsis which usually includes antibiotics. A delay of just one hour can mean the difference between life and death.

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