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Getting Paid to Listen to Sales Calls

While millions of us have taken steps to turn away telemarketers, some people may actually be hoping to have their phone ring with a sales call. But why?

Hello, this is Ad Noodle calling with a cash offer.

This simulated call could soon be a reality in many homes. The Ad Noodle call offers to pay you to listen to a sales pitch, the brainchild of Daniel Shifrin -- a rather unlikely advocate of phone sales.

"I never like getting telemarketing calls. My feeling was if I'm gonna get a call I should be paid for it, okay. I should have the option of whether or not I'm going to take it," said Shifrin.

Working from the premise that many people feel the same way, Daniel's building a database of people who want to be called and want to be paid to listen. You can even pick the time of day you'll take calls.

"You still have your rights. Nobody else can call you unless it comes through Ad Noodle and unless you're getting paid."

The amount paid will vary according to product type, and of course, time.

"So, if you spend about two and a half minutes a day for 30 days a month, you'll earn approximately $80 to $100."

As a personal friend of Daniel's, Svedlana Tsiasieka is hardly an objective client -- but as combination demonstrator and beta tester -- so far she likes what she hears.

"It was just, as they said, it was testing calls. They asked me like multiple choice question like press one if you want to get this and press two if you want to hear that," Tsiasieka said.

For more information on Ad Noodle, you can (click here).

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